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Australian author, Doona Moolands
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To describe myself is no easy feat. The first description to escape my mouth would be that I am a short, rotund woman of Australian-Italian descent (mostly Italian in my features) who laughs heartily at not only her own jokes, but her written work as well. This anomaly greatly disturbs my teenage daughter as she watched me laugh my way through the chapters of my first published work. I was actually laughing at the event I had written about, not how it was written but she continues to frown at my weirdness.

Laughter comes very easily to me and the silliest of happenings can reduce me to silent laughter which usually brings with it, tears and the speechlessness. I can laugh at myself, and I don't take myself too seriously. I speak frankly about the things that happen to most of us, and about the things that others would consider unmentionable. I am a chronic over-sharer (missing a filter apparently) and frequently speak before articulating my thoughts, which often leads to embarrassment for me or those around me. Awkward silence is a sound I've grown used to.

I was born and raised in a South Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am the middle child in a family of three children, an unfortunate position that I milked my entire childhood. My 6ft Father was as Australian as a cattle farmer's dog; my Mother was a small and petite Italian woman who stood all of 4'11". I grew up in a loving and caring family environment where my oddball behaviour made my family laugh rather than cringe. I enjoy my roles of wife and mother and consider myself a fun person to be around. I can now add the title of Author to my repertoire of achievements.

About the author
Donna Newlands is a married, working mother of two children who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Donna has been writing amusing short stories about her daily happenings for years but Shit Happens is Donna's first published book.

I first decided to use a pen name to hide the identity of my family members. The pen name Doona Moolands came about during a work incident where I was asked over the phone by a person, whose first language was not English, what my name was. I received a fax addressed to Doona Moolands. I was, and still am, referred to by the people in the office at that time as Doo Moo. As it turns out, most people know who we are so it's now just an amusing jumble of letters which has grown on me.

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